You have, through no fault of your own, arrived at Justin Connolly’s website. Hello!

This is my website. It’s where I post the music I make. If you like it, please let me know – I’ll probably like you, too. If you don’t like it, you can keep that to yourself. I don’t need to know.

You can send me a message, or find me on Twitter. There’s also a Twitter feed for the site that’ll let you know when there’s something new, and a Glass account where I keep all the photos. Glass is great – chronological feed and no ads. You have to pay for it, but it’s not a lot, and worth every penny. Some great photographers on there – you should try it.

Spangleyed has existed in some form or other since the mid-Eighties. It was the name of the band I had at school, college, and university. At least two of the five gigs we played were ok. All of them were fun.

Now Spangleyed exists here. I have planned this website for about 20 years, and in my head it’s been great. I don’t know if it will be great in real life — I hope so. The main idea, though, is that it’s fun for me to make.

The name Spangleyed was stolen from an idea for a song my brother had, maybe 30 years ago — probably more. That song was called The Spangleyed Rocket Man, and I thought the first bit sounded like a cool name for the adolescent band I was thinking about putting together.

I don’t know if my brother ever wrote the song, I know I never heard it. If he did, I’m sure it was magnificent.